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Business is about focus and a lot of hard work. If you want to be ordinary, do something else.

Company story

I started as an entrepreneur in 1984 as a 21 year old. In the beginning, I worked as a designer. The big boost came in 1994 when I designed a symbol for the Olympics 1994 in Lillehammer, Norway. This resulted in about 50 articles in all the major business magazines in Sweden as well as radio and TV.

For 3 years I designed the products for school starts throughout Scandinavia, I made designs for the Atlanta Olympics 1992 and the symbol for Bandy World Cup 1997. Around the year 2000, I invested everything I owned in creating a platform for distributing e-mail. After a few years, it was the largest in Sweden.

In 2007, I sold the company to a listed company. In 2009, I started the company that would become the leader in automated marketing in the Nordic region. After 10 successful years, I have decided to step down from my ordinary daily work in marketing and start investing in interesting start-ups.

Today I invested mainly in real estate and the health sector. I want to feel passion for what invest in and I want to feel the persons behind it. 

With my expirience I want to also feel I can add knowledge to their business, simple as that.

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