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Drawing upon my experience of marketing, I'm approaches my debut book from a unique perspective.

In "The List," I utilizes my marketing expertise to explore an entirely different domain—the art of selling oneself. By treating individuals as products, I empowers readers to embark on a journey of self-discovery, paving the way towards finding true love.

I invest with passion in what i think is the future...

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My philosophy is simple, when I invest I follow my passion. I want to make a difference in what I invest in. With 40 years as an entrepreneur within marketing, I also want to be able to add experience to the businesses I enter.

Our investments:

Wonderville - A leader in marketing automation. A company that has in the front end for a decade.

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Bodyweight - The biggest training app in Sweden for suspension training. 150 000 users.

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Mindfully - The leading meditation app in Sweden. For less stress and more sleep.

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Real Estate - Apartments and houses in Sweden and in Spain for rentals.

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Kickstart Online - A program for weight loss. Training in combination with intermittent fasting.

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Social XP - A platform for over 3000 social magazines (feeds). Today with over 50 million users. 

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Halt Game - A board game released in 2023. Developing now to a app format.

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